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Some say they prefer apartheid government but I don’t, today I was just chatting with my friends on the train on my way back from campus, it was hurting to hear that some people prefer apartheid times, due to tribalism, nipotism, lack of progress, and  corruption ect. Another friend of mine, more like an acquaintance  even said he would give his name to the rich companies who do not hire black people (African, Coloureds, Indians and Chinise) so that they can get an income from the government as long as he get his big pierce of chunk to enjoy, nothing makes more angrier than people who do not want a change, who wants to add on the chains, how can we expect a greater country that is full with possibilities if we act like slaves, even though we free?


 What about those who are qualified to be there but they can’t be there? It is painful to hear those things coming from young people who are probably the future of this country, yes we are facing lot of problems and challenges in our country, especially young people, challenges like unemployment and poverty, but that doesn’t give us reasons to do such things, things that helps our country to move backwards, that’s not humanity, we want our country to grow.

 That’s means, if you agree that you would use your name for a company that you not even part of it, you would give classified information to destroy the country as well, there is no difference in that or there is? Poverty is a sensitive thing, people would do anything just to put something on the table, I mean anything even selling people or their own souls, but you would never go to bed with empty stomach while you are around people, this is coming from whose life is a living witness of that, but I am still alive, poverty never made me to compromise my values.


You live once

You Live Once

Like the battle of the sexiest,

Where fairy-tales are made,

We all wonder what it would be like.

Under the story of the paradise

is the reality that you can’t flee.

Myths ready to be unfolded;

History waits for no one.

The world, in search for it’s true love,

fears it may encounter the opposite.

Death threatens, and that’s the case.

Let me take you back to the sensation

Of the realization of my jeoprodized life.

A crash, collision, explosion

Stopped the earth mid rotation.

For a second I thought it was a dream,

My thoughts felt far from my brain,

Only to return to actuality

to find my pride stolen, mouth half naked,

blood flowing through jaws.

We didn’t plan for this.

Tears dropped like a winter storm.

The sun quickly fell,

the mission complete,

the journey cut short.

We were no longer passengers,

Moving toward a destination.

Within moments the street felt like home.

My eyes bled and burned,

Determined to fake a broken smile.

Picture a burning shack; someone’s home

And temple. Trace the image,

Like a sharp knife outlining veins.

Fate seemed to go up with the smoke

From the ashes of our overturned lives.

Still I ask, where is He?

For the first time I felt ruined and lonely.

But sisters and brothers stayed near.

Death waits for no one.

Rest in peace, human kind.

The facts are underlined and

A forum for life and death repeats

from generation to generation

Articulately and eloquently.

I, for once, now illustrate my gifting

Based on the discoveries I made in the wild.


Democracy it is


Because of democracy that i trekked anywhere I want, with no fear,

Nor anxiety, with full confidence that I belong to it, because many suffered,

And were tortured for the privileges I have today.

Many fought, few survived and the rest took credit for the dead can’t speak

Nor breathe.

Call me a survivor but I’ve done nothing, worship me, and celebrate my days

With joyful songs but I was never restrained nor told what to do.


It is because of democracy that I can speak freely, allow enclosure dance into

The tiles of my own civilised floor, that I carried, shared and save it for the last dance.

Don’t blame it on me, but

It is because of democracy that African Nation is demonised, filled with anger,

It is the reason that I live in a small box, covered with hood,

Humiliated, discomfited self-conscious,

Sharing privacy and joined with insufficiency to carry the journey

And still smile that i belong into a warm community.


It is because of deficiency that we are joined in one circus, blinded by mist

In the veld,

Reveries no longer occur; sometimes she thinks she will wake up

This will be a nightmare, but here I am

The mist has gone, but the perspective remain,

The roots have replanted

With free body’s, slaves in mind

Now the grass is brown, for the winter has taken over

….to be continued


Hunger for more

What’s happening in our society?


Flash in our eyes made to capture, to imprison every moment,

Not to abolish every tale we ever had.


I sense discomfort when I glimpse defiance of young in open, forgive me but i

Feel pain when I see the future walking in distress, give their lives in drunkenness

Give them credit, but their lives were much easier. mine is too complex.

Simplicity is no supplementary.

But not everyone who’s multifaceted wants to,

Pleasure is the case, dissatisfaction is the face, eish did I say it’s the pace?


Wait a minute

Facing my demons with abstemious eyes, doesn’t add up, I need a fluid to go through

The night, where’s my pint to nip the tank of my thanks.

I’m jaded, guzzle, gulp facilitate


It kills me to be unable to maintain my being,

Without sentiment awkwardness,

Just want to be intoxicated, without any guiltiness.

My hero dies in vein, my mother stress in pain, and my friends suffer in shame,

I didn’t do it, but the hunger for more led me to desire more.

Everyone’s scrip end is thrilled, but in one way or another, there is a season,

Life goes on,

I raise my left arm to touch the sky, stray the shy of my spry

In reach for the next resilience.

Heroes always live, but

Hero dies in this one. Because this is domain war.

Poem for Estern Cape

In the hearts of eastern side,

One day I will return.

With impoxo and the spirit of abandoned but

I’m sure you’ll still be standing,

Holding on to the wheel and spear,

That you were told it’s your saviour


Leaders find pleasure in your suffering

Rivals find comfort in your presents.

Yes, you raised heroes, you made legends

But you backwards in a race, forward in disgrace towards on

Embrace inadequacy.


One day I will return, to those valleys,

Veld and the mountains of the great one,

Where my ancestors were placed, where home is,


One day I will defiantly return, to bring joy, peace and comfort

to the hearts of the unfortunate, pleased in mind, rich in pasture,

Surely my ancestors are calling me,

That is why one day I will return, to use my clicks fluently,

Dance comfortable and walk permanently.

To Eastern Cape, where my heart is, will be and was.

In Eastern side, seeing those beautiful faces, women dancing with joy

With imbola in their faces, entirely free from the world around me,

Ubuntu glancing, life excitedly and society in one,

One day, I mean one, one day i will return,

With my mouth unable to converse fluently, but surely i will learn.

One day I will return, to Eastern Cape

Journalism Today

Journalism today – tomorrow – in South Africa

Journalism was all people had to in the past to report, mostly papers , since the technology is growing faster now, and South Africa is one of the most growing countries, news are also growing .”News used to be for only grownups but now I can read them, because they are interesting” a University student said. in the past news were only informative, but now since most of the people have internet, things are easier to so many people, especially who are from urban areas, because they are exposed into lot of things like social media, example face book, twitter and other social networks, so most of young people read news online, and It is simple to them. The journalism today is very interesting, in so many ways because it is entertaining, informative and controversial. It is informative because we are being informed about disease that exits, like the elephant leg woman, who was on T.V and whole other things, we get education on line .Journalism today is more focused on education and that is what most South Africans need. And most of the politicians used social media for campaigns and it is very effective. But on the other side it is controversial in a way that it create debates, and leave things hanging most of the times. Entertainment is what brings people together and we all love to have fun, so journalism today introduced the other side of the news like entertainment. If it was not for journalism we would not know who is here in South Africa, doing what with who, who is new on the music industry, which movies are out, and we would not even be inspired to become who we want to become. Journalism is more productive and makes people want to know more and dream again.’”Come on, who does not read news in our days, some of our politicians are so entertaining, I always read news so that I will be updated about them, and what did they say these week, who is making headlines, news today are interesting than before. Everything is online in our days, we have social networks like twitter, face book and whole other social networks that we almost all in, so there is really no excuse for people for not reading news, both young and old are exposed to these network” Thokozile said. I think the Journalism of the future (tomorrow journalism) will be paperless, since everyone will be reading online. Reporting will be only controversial and entertaining, there won’t be more of informative news, it will lose its heart, because of the social networks, that is where people like us will come in and save the journalism world, and bring back the heart of it. I suggest that we as the South Africans we can focus more on the informative, I am not saying entertainment and controversial is bad, but information bring life out of the people and entertainment brings joy and unity, so if we can balance them, we could bring the Journalism heart into its place.

A place called Home

Place called home

He has doen it again!!!

He has done it again!!!

After few days of quietness, Juju has done it again, taking away the spotlight from other countries, people and things, he wants it all to himself.

It has been a crazy years in South Africa, we have seen Democratic Alliance taking over the half of South Africa and improving in other areas, like building close toilets for Khayelitshian residents and so on. And seeing relationships and friendships being broken, and top dogs or May I say leaders caught with drugs in another countries, so where is our country going!

Now here he is again, making headlines again, we really have not seen much of Him like the years they forced to removed Thabo Mbeki, but he is back with no friends to support but with half of blacks behind him, supporting him all the way, breathing with him and saying they will die with him,

So where is this issue taking us, are we really living in a rainbow nation as others  may think and say, or this Democracy of ours is made out of snow, when it is winter we enjoy but when its summer it melt, sometimes I sit and wonder if we have that Democracy of privileges.

We have seen lot of scandals in our so-called Democracy, respected people saying things and people expresses themselves in a way that is not comfortable for other racist.

Malema declares war to those who against him

The big man is once again making headlines after He was found guilty in Luthuli House; he declares war to those who oppose him. He asked Parliament to save Liberation songs.

The question we must ask ourselves is that, who is with and who is against the man, I am sure the are thousands of people who are behind him, even on the party itself, He cannot just do these things alone and say things without back up. Maybe that is a big maybe, He was hired to do exactly what He is doing, but now he is doing it to the main people. That’s my opinion firends